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When Should You Replace Your Home's Locks?
secondary June 23

When Should You Replace Your Home's Locks?

The right time to replace home locks has become a puzzle! In some online security forums, people keep asking to know whether to replace, repair or change their locks. Also, prominent locksmiths get the same questions from their old and potential customers.

However, inquiries about lock change is encouraged since it is difficult for some people to decide whether to rekey or change their locks. Others want to know which is better and more affordable between rekeying and changing it entirely. In this article, we explained the scenario that should prompt you to change locks. Read on to learn more.

Buying or Renting a New Home

There’s a lot of excitement when you sign the closing papers of a new home. Usually, the next step is to schedule the moving date, parking, and arrange your belongings as well as plan how to improve your interior décor. However, new homeowners forget to check-off lock changing in their to-do list.

As a new homeowner, changing the locks should be one of your considerations. It is difficult to trace or track copies of your keys from the old tenant. Your keys may be floating in the neighborhood among his friends and relatives. That is why experts recommend that you should change the entire locks after packing into your new home. Our desire is for you to have control of your security. Changing locks is not as expensive as you may think. All you need do is consult a competent locksmith for expert recommendations

After a Break-In

It takes endurance and a lot of maturity for one to recover from a break-in. You will be heartbroken after evaluating your loss. That said, break-ins showcase the porosity in our homes' security systems. It reminds us of the need to improve our security to resist the invaders from repeating the nefarious act. Changing your locks after a break-in means removing the entire lock that may be compromised and replacing them with a new and improved type.

With urgency during this sensitive time, call a locksmith professional for a lock change or upgrade. The locksmith will evaluate your security and recommend the right locks for you.

Faulty or Damaged Locks

If it is becoming difficult to open or close your locks or you have to jiggle it to gain access, then it’s a red flag that your locks are damaged.

You do not have to procrastinate when you notice that the locks are damaged because criminals can easily take advantage of that. To ensure that your security is still intact, you need to change the lock. You should also be aware that a damaged lock could suddenly get stuck. That means you may get locked out without notice!

We recommend you treat the damaged lock situation as an emergency! A locksmith from Top St. Louis Locksmith can help if you want to change your damaged locks. We will help you to install top-quality locks that will last.

After a Long Period 

The life span of an average home lock is seven years. Though this approximation depends on the rate of usage, maintenance, and the type of lock. But you have to be sensitive to know when a lock has become old. Then consider replacing them.

Contact a Professional for your Lock Change

Everything about your security should be handled by professionals. If you need a lock replacement or repairs, Top St. Louis Locksmith would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.