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Causes of Transponder Key Failure
secondary June 17

Causes of Transponder Key Failure

Though described as a small device when compared with other components of the vehicle, your car key determines how your movement could be throughout the day. From access control to starting the engine as well as car security, you cannot neglect the role car keys play in our lives.

However, the car key fob is configured mechanically and electronically, so it is bound to be defective, especially when it has been used for a long time. So how can you troubleshoot your car key fob? You must understand how it functions and what could trigger possible failures.

You surely don’t want to get stuck on the side of the freeway! Do not worry because, in this article, we have given out tips concerning transponder key failures and how you could get things back in sync.

Weak or Dead Battery

Most times, low signaling is the cause of your car key fob not working. And it is the batteries that power the signals. Therefore, know that the first culprit is the battery whenever the key fob is malfunctioning. The batteries are always working – making them prone to weakness or power loss! When this happens, it will affect the signals.

Consider replacing the batteries when you notice defects in your car key fob. If the problem persists, below are other possible reasons to consider.

Damaged Transponder Key

Sometimes, car owners are careless about their keys, thinking it is impossible to get damaged like other devices. The truth is that transponder keys are sensitive to moisture just like other devices. Also, they get damaged when dropped on rigid or sturdy surfaces.

We know you love your child but don’t let him/her use your car key as a toy. It could get damaged to put you in a tight corner! Worse still, the child could submerge the key in the water.

Faulty Ignition Problems

If you recently changed your batteries and the key fob is in good shape, then the problem could be the ignition. When the key becomes stiff and refuses to release the steering or suddenly, it is taking much time to engage; your ignition cylinder is probably worn out. However, only a professional can determine if the ignition is the problem or not. You can contact an auto mechanic or call an experienced locksmith for help.

Car Key Programming Issues

Did you acquire duplicate car keys recently? Perhaps a locksmith worked on the security system of your car! It may be that the locksmith did not reprogram the new car key correctly. You only need an experienced locksmith to reprogram your car key so it communicates with the car. This way, the key fob will start functioning efficiently.

Contact a Locksmith for Proper ‘Diagnosis’

Eradicating all issues about your car key fob only needs the expertise of a locksmith. They are trained to troubleshoot, repair, and reprogram all types of car key fobs.

As soon as you call Top St. Louis Locksmith for key fob programming or other issues, we will send a well-equipped and trained expert to reprogram or cut a new key for you.