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Essential Smart Lock Features
secondary September 14

Essential Smart Lock Features

The traditional lock and key system has been effective over the years. However, they have many challenges that smart locks have overcome! With smart lock installation for residential and commercial buildings, homeowners can enjoy added security, convenience, and peace of mind.

We will see the benefits of these essential smart lock features. Why do they seem so highly efficient and dependable amongst other locking systems? Read to find out.

In-Built Features of Smart Locks

  • Wireless Connectivity

Who wouldn't be happy when you can monitor your security using the smart lock functions? You can see and communicate with someone at the door, and control access even from a distant location.

Smart locks have Z wave technology that works with your internet connection, enabling access to the door lock from anywhere. It implies that location is not a barrier when security is a priority.

  • Smartphone App Connectivity

The smart lock app can be installed on your smartphone, and from there, you can use it to manage door lock access. You will get a notification from anywhere if anyone tries to tamper with the locks.

Also, you can program unique codes and grant access to anyone like family, friends, or temporary workers. Finally, you have access to an automatic setting feature to lick the door whenever necessary.

  • Biometric Technology

Some smart lock models come with a biometric identification access feature. So with your fingerprint, facial image, and voice, you can conveniently open and operate the lock.

Also, biometric identification makes break-ins difficult. Intruders cannot easily bypass your security. They have to figure out a way to manipulate the system or compromise one of your employees. The locks will only open up to anyone with fingerprints or voice scans recognized by the system.

Locks with biometric features are worth every dollar! Your security should not be rigid, contact a reliable locksmith for the lock installation.

  • Smart Lock Motion Sensor

Apart from discarding physical keys, a major benefit of using the smart lock is the motion sensors it comes with. They could be called proximity systems – using advanced technology to detect when a person is close. This will enable you to set the lock to open when someone with the key fob or smart application is nearby.

This feature does not make the lock susceptible to manipulators. The signals from the fob must match that of the lock sensors before anyone can have access. If there is an intruder or an attempted break-in, you could receive warning notifications immediately.

It is Time to Upgrade your Home Security

If there is any technology that has helped security over the years, it is the smart solution. With in-built amazing features like wireless connectivity, biometric technology, motion sensors, and a smartphone app, you have a working system.

Choose Top St. Louis Locksmith for your smart lock installation service. All you need is to contact us and a trained professional with attend to all your needs. We will analyze your security system and recommend a smart lock that will fit your needs and budget. Do not wait any further. Check us out to learn more about our locksmith services.