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What Is an Ignition Lock Cylinder?
secondary December 03

What Is an Ignition Lock Cylinder?

The vehicle is built with adaptive and complex electromechanical systems. It is made up of interdependent components working simultaneously to achieve maximum efficiency.

The major systems include the engine, fuel, electrical, exhaust, and brake systems. While the critical subsystems are the steering, gearbox, cabin, chassis, and suspension. However, very few individuals have in-depth knowledge of ignition lock cylinders.

Though not a household name, the ignition lock cylinder, plays a role in starting your car and it is also a safety feature that restricts burglars from having access. So we will describe the ignition lock cylinder, how it functions the best approach to ensuring it works effectively.

Ignition Lock Cylinder

The ignition lock cylinder is the cylindrical and mechanical part of the ignition system designed to start the car. It is located inside the ignition switch with anti-theft programmed sensors that helps protect the vehicle from external manipulations.

Depending on the car model and design, it is often welded onto the steering column to strengthen the security of the car. Whether it is a truck, car, or SUV, the basic operation of the lock cylinder is to keep the ignition locked. It can only give way when you insert the right keys.

Since the ignition lock cylinder is a critical component of traditional cars, it is good you know the signs of a falling cylinder.

Difficulty Powering On the Vehicle

Though many may link vehicle powering issues to battery failure, the ignition lock cylinder may be the cause. The electrical components have to lock the ignition and also "read" anti-theft coding in the key to allow the vehicle to start. If any of the components are defective, the car will not start.

Issues with Inserting and Removing the Key

The ignition lock cylinder is going bad if inserting and removing your car keys becomes a hustle. It may be that the pins are beginning to wear or that the cylinder may jam any time soon. So when it becomes difficult inserting your keys, you should have a professional check your ignition lock cylinder.

The Role of a Locksmith in fixing the Ignition Lock Cylinder

Ignition switch and cylinder issues can restrict you from starting or using your car. It is also a safety issue that could become complex rather quickly. A professional locksmith can help you diagnose what is wrong with your ignition lock cylinder. The Locksmith can offer ignition replacement if the issue is beyond redemption. However, changing the lock cylinder should be the last option because the locksmith must provide a new key for the car.

In case you are dealing with a minor issue, the experienced locksmith can replace or smoothen the wafers and lock pins. At Top St. Louis Locksmith, we can comfortably work on your ignition lock cylinders. Changing the cylinders or upgrading the security of your car is a normal service we provide to our clients.

Let an Expert Handle Your Ignition Lock Cylinder

Are you having difficulty turning your ignition lock cylinder or the key can’t easily be inserted or pulled out? Do not worry because the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith will come to the rescue. We offer ignition replacement, repairs, and upgrades. Call us today, our services are designed to suit the individual needs of each client.