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Choosing The Right Smart Lock
secondary December 06

Choosing The Right Smart Lock

Are you frequently fumbling for keys whenever you are at your front door? It happens to most of us, especially during those busy days at the office. But you can get a better option for accessing your home easily and conveniently. That is what smart locks have to offer!

Opting for smart locks means you will not have to fumble for keys or carry a bunch when heading out for a jog. Also, you can get first-hand information about your home security anywhere in the world. With all the goodies smart locks bring to the table, most people get confused when planning to install them in their homes and offices.

This article aims to resolve the confusion. Experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith will let you know the top features to consider when choosing smart locks. Read to learn more.

Type of Smart Lock

First off, you have to consider the type or operational mode of the smart lock. Will you go for a keypad, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock? What are their differences and advantages?

Choosing Keypad locks means you must input a preferred code to open the lock. However, many locks come with a keypad and Bluetooth capabilities. Smart locks bring convenience to the way you access your home. Some smart locks offer the three top features - Keypad, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. While advanced and recent models come with biometrics or fingerprints with the Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled Smart lock, you can operate your locks using your mobile phone.

WiFi Smart locks give you the chance to provide limited access to guests and also allow you to remotely control the security of your home. Other features you can enjoy from smart locks is to provide limited access for delivery/ maid/ security guard, and more.

Smart Locks with Advanced Features

Depending on your budget and security prioritization, you could go for smart locks with additional features. Such enhanced features include fingerprint, quick notifications, and camera capabilities that could provide photo logs.

More features include flexible usability with open Apps. You can access the Smart lock even when your phone is lost.

Door Type

Another important consideration when buying smart locks is the type of door in your house or office. Smart locks come in different shapes and designs, so you need to consider the type that will be a perfect fit for your door. Simple smart locks do not fit on glass doors. Use smart magnetic locks for such doors. Deadbolt smart locks align properly on flush and wooden doors.

Rely on the expert locksmiths at Top St. Louis Locksmith if you need a good smart lock installation, proper alignment, and efficiency.

Battery Life

The safety, efficiency, and longevity of the smart lock battery are critical to its performance. Because it is the main power supply of the smart lock, anyone intending to buy or upgrade his lock must consider the strength of the battery. Avoid locks with batteries prone to bulging and leakages.

The Right Time To Install A Smart Lock Is Now!

Whether you need advanced security for your residential building, clubhouse, hotel, gym, store rooms, or office, depend on Top St. Louis Locksmith for satisfactory installation services. We will help you install or upgrade your smart locks for security, convenience, and rest of mind.