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Benefits of Choosing Metal Door Frames for Your Business
secondary November 27

Benefits of Choosing Metal Door Frames for Your Business

Homeowners with limited knowledge about building materials view the door as a monogamous structure. But in reality, the door has different parts that restrict unauthorized people from accessing your home. Apart from the main door that opens and shuts, the door frame is another critical component.

The door frame is there to offer support to the entire structure. Some of the components hold the door when it is in an open position while the rest withholds it from opening when locked. Door frame components include the architrave trim, stops, sill head, legs, jamb, and threshold.

The frame must have the ability to offer adequate support to enable your door to work effectively. However, metal frames offer exceptional value which is not noticeable at a glance. Here are five more reasons you should go for metal door frames.

Security and Peace of Mind

Unprofessional burglars will have no option but to leave if they notice your door is guided by a metal frame. Because of the material strength, metal door frames are very difficult to break down. Burglars will need advanced equipment to break doors such doors. This is in addition to applying more strength when dealing with metal framed doors.

To make your security more effective, you should invest in Grade 1 locks. With these two rightly set up by a commercial locksmith, you will sleep with your two eyes closed.

Long term cost-effectiveness

Yes, the market price of metal door frames may seem at the moment, but you will reap the rewards afterward. Firstly, their life expectancy is much higher than that of their wooden counterparts. Most times, burglars will skip your home because of the difficulty in dealing with the metal door frames – that will save you from material and emotional damage. They take long periods before showing signs of weathering, so door frame replacement will not be on your to-do list anytime soon. Also working with experienced locksmiths will add to the longevity of the metal door.


No doubt, metal frames are more robust and sturdier than wooden frames and other products. When installed in your home, they can withstand significant forceful entry. Maintaining steel frames and doors is easier and cost-effective since you will worry less about twisting and tilting. If aesthetics is your concern, you could give them a new look by filling up dings and scratches before repainting.

Most Metal Doors are Fire Rated

Metal doors offer a more fire-safe option because they are capable of controlling the spread of fire and smoke. It is a known fact that during fire incidents, will offer a higher resistance before getting burnt. This is another reason most commercial buildings prefer fire-rated metal doors over other available options.

Eco-Friendly and Pest Free

You can never worry about termites and other pests when you have metal door frames in your home or office. More so, they contribute highly to eco-friendliness since their high demand and usage help to save trees.

Wrapping Up

If you wish to combine security, safety, and durability in your home, then consider investing in metal door frames. Remember, property invasions, robberies, and other crimes are on the increase so you need to make safety and security your major priority. For all your door frame installation and repair needs, be assured that Top St. Louis Locksmith will give you quality services without straining your budget.