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The Advantages of Using a Keypad Door Lock
secondary September 28

The Advantages of Using a Keypad Door Lock

Let us all embrace the reality that technology has revolutionized lives! As a home or business owner, going about with a loaded keychain is out of fashion. It is risky because you will be thrown off balance if you lose the keychain.

If you are planning home improvement, do not put your security on the back burner. The security of your home and valuable items should be one of your top priorities. Therefore, to achieve adequate security and convenience, you should start considering keypad locks. They are designed to protect you and your family as well as help you gain smooth access to your home.

To ensure you make an intelligent decision about your security system, here is the lowdown on keypad locks and some of their hidden advantages.

How They Work

As the name implies, keypad locks are designed to open up when the user inputs the correct pin. In other words, it uses a PIN unlock feature (similar to ATM) for access control.

This means you must input the right pin or code before the lock opens. The only way to gain access when you don’t have the right pin code is to call a locksmith in O'Fallon for unlocking services. However, the locksmith must ensure you are the owner or the right tenant before offering the services. The code or PIN is permanent. You can always change it at will.

Are you contemplating whether to invest in keypad locks or not? Here are some of the advantages.

Extra Security and Safety

Protect what matters most to you by installing keypad locks on your front doors. It provides a higher level of security when compared to key-operated locks. Having a keypad lock installed in your front door is a good choice for multi-family residences, common areas, and organized business offices.

You don’t have to worry about your security when dealing with troublesome roommates. You will be at liberty to change the codes immediately after the roommate moves out. If you also suspect that your keys have been compromised by a roommate, a friend, or a colleague. No need to replace the lock with the traditional type, all you have to do is install keypad locks. Then you will have the peace of mind that you are safe from unauthorized access. Get a keypad lock today and have total control of your locks.

Easy Access to Your Home or Office

Imagine the stress in searching for keys when you are back after a busy day at the office. Perhaps, you are back from the grocery having different items in addition to controlling the kids, then getting a key to unlock the door becomes a problem. With a keypad lock, just punch in the secret code to get into your home!

As long as you are not a forgetful person, you will always experience seamless entry and exit when using keypad locks. You will enjoy the convenience of operating your locks without the keys and added security.


Apart from the smart locks, keypad locks are easy to use. Anyone that could dial a number on the smartphone can easily use the keypad lock. Ensure you have the correct pin then you can gain access at all times.

Available in a Variety of Decorative Lever Styles 

Offered in decorative lever styles and a range of finishes, you can use them for exterior and interior doors. One other factor about the keypad locks is that they meet ANSI grade 1 - 3 standards for security.

So what are you waiting for? Call the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith, for keypad lock installation.