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How to Find Your Lost Keys
secondary October 07

How to Find Your Lost Keys

Imagine your keys got missing when everyone was ready to leave the house in the morning! And your schedule includes dropping the kids at school before going to the office.

What option is better – finding the keys, leaving your door open, or calling a locksmith for key cutting or lock replacement? This could be a devastating experience that could throw you off balance throughout the day!

Many of us have experienced lock and key emergencies in the past. However, if you lose your keys repeatedly or it has become a challenge to keep track of your things, don't worry. In this article, we provide helpful tips on the fastest ways to locate your lost items.

Clutter Could be the Problem

Research confirmed that living in a cluttered house could negatively affect your "working memory". Clutter could affect your ability to focus, and sleep comfortably or increase your anxiety levels.

If you are staying in a cramped or cluttered living space. Maybe, the entire room or sections of the house is messy, then you have to try keeping things in order. You can get things organized in your room even when you’ve got no space.

You can have a room that contains a lot of stuff and still look good! Your lack of focus due to a clustered room could be the reason you keep searching for keys and other items.

Stop Panicking

Naturally, panic sets in when you lost your keys. Afterward, you start venting your frustration to yourself or the people nearby.

All these raise your anxiety levels and can contribute to your inability to remember previous activities. Calm down when you realize the key is lost. Take a deep breath and stop thinking for two minutes. After a while, you could get an idea of where to start searching for the key.

Retrace Your Steps

There are tricks for everything including effective search. Retrace your steps and think of the possible places you could drop the key. Check out the cupboard beside your bed, get to the kitchen and look at the counter. What about the living room? Retracing your steps is an effective way to find lost items.

Make Inquiries

Share your predicament with your roommates. Maybe you dropped it carelessly and someone picked it up. Or they could help remind you of your past activities. You may never know how others could help.

Get a Smart Key Finder

Technology can come to our rescue most time. If you frequently lose items like keys, wallets, mobile phones, e.t.c. We recommend you get a smart key finder. Attach the device to your keys and download the app. This way, you can easily locate your keys using your smartphone. Everyone in your household could also have the app to make things easier.

The Solution to Frequent Key Loss

Get a Spare

There are no laws restricting you from getting two or three keys. You could keep one in the house and the other key in your car. You just have to get a replacement key in advance.

Have a Permanent Place for Your Keys

Putting stuff in the same place may be easier said than done! Develop the habit of keeping your keys in a particular spot.

Always Rely on a Professional for Help

Losing your keys could be frustrating. However, do not break the lock or window to open your door. A professional locksmith from Top St. Louis Locksmith could be of help. And the good news is that we can come to you to offer key replacement, rekeying, and other services.