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5 Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock
secondary September 22

5 Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock

Do you know that anyone can unlock standard locks with crowbars or knives? Yes, the design of standard locks was based on a spring mechanism, making them one of the weakest locks on the market. Thankfully, we have deadbolt locks designed to provide the utmost protection against manipulations and forceful physical attacks.

If you want to upgrade your locks and you are unsure of the right type to get, here are some benefits of deadbolt locks. First off, it’s better to get a good understanding of deadbolt locks.

Deadbolt Locks and How They Work

A deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism designed to open only with a key or handle. It differs from the spring lock because its locking system is more complex. 

However, the deadbolt lock has three parts: the latch, cylinder, and keyhole. The cylinder controls the latch and the keyhole. While the latch holds the lock when it is closed, the keyhole opens only when the right key is inserted.

Apart from the available designs and types of deadbolt locks, it also comes in grades 1 - 3. These grades were allotted by The American National Standards Institute – ANSI. The first grade is the most secured and durable deadbolt, recommended for industrial purposes. Grade 2 is also secured and mostly used on residential buildings. Grade 3 locks are the lowest in quality and durability.

Benefits of Deadbolt Locks

  • Increase Security 

Deadbolt locks are popular for adding an extra level of protection and security to your home. Users can enjoy another layer of security when compared with the spring locks. Picking or forcibly opening the deadbolt locks is rather difficult. If you have valuable items in your home or office, consider changing all the spring locks. Also, get an expert to help you install deadbolts.

  • Durability and Reliability 

We are practically referring to the locks' ability to withstand impact such as kicking that could come from burglars. Deadbolt locks also do well in drilling. Burglars will spend more time drilling a deadbolt lock.

  • Long-lasting

Deadbolts work effectively even when used frequently. Its durability should be the reason for its very long-lasting features. You can use them for heavy-duty front doors and commercial purposes.

  • Easy Installation

Though they are ductile and reliable, deadbolts are one of the easiest locks to install. An experienced locksmith can only take some minutes to get your deadbolt installed.

  • Peace of Mind

Having a deadbolt lock on your door gives you peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders, who might otherwise be able to break through your standard lock with little difficulty.

Let us handle your Deadbolt Installation 

Now you have known some of the benefits, it is time to upgrade your spring locks to deadbolts. Moreover, deadbolts are not expensive. You can get them online or from the workshop of a reliable locksmith. Call Top St. Louis Locksmith, to help install your deadbolts. 

Our locksmiths are experienced and eager to come to your home or office to offer deadbolt installation services.