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How to Maintain Your Commercial Doors
secondary September 16

How to Maintain Your Commercial Doors

Sometimes, when it comes to considerations in building improvement, property managers neglect the doors. Rather they concentrate on aesthetic features like paints, lighting, furniture, and electronics.

The commercial doors can depreciate, just like any other component in the building. They also need maintenance and upgrade to effectively resist intruders and control access. There is no justification to neglect the door during any improvement project after investing much time and energy in buying and installing them.

With that in mind, Top St. Louis Locksmith suggests tested and proven tips to maintain your doors.

Conduct Routine Checks for Defects

Routing checks about the condition of your door precede cleaning. Chances are you will identify defects in your door before they escalate. Other issues you can identify through routine checks:

Buildup of Moisture

If you notice dark streaks or whitish marks on the timber frames of your door, it is a sign of moisture buildup. Nothing devalues or depreciates your door quality more than moisture, especially when dealing with wooden doors. Moisture can also cause discoloring on steel doors by blistering the paintwork. With routine checks, you can identify the problem and stop it from getting worse.

Cracks on the Timber Frames

Cracks are signs that your door is becoming weak. Therefore, identifying cracks on time is also vital for keeping your door in perfect shape.

Lubricate Periodically

The moving parts of your door such as the hinges, rollers, and tracks need periodic lubrication. Lock lubrication is even more effective when you notice disturbing noise from its operation.

However, all lubricants are not good for your doors. Experts recommend using W-40 lubricants to help your door function properly. Good lubricant reduces noise and makes your door open and close without hustles. Doors needing regular maintenance are the front and back garage doors. They receive much traffic because of the position.

Regular Cleaning

You may never know when dirt accumulates on your door, especially those buildings in the coastal area of the country. Your doors could look unattractive when you cease watching them for a long time. Dirty doors could also create a negative impression of your personality to colleagues and guests.

With warm water, dish soap, or baby shampoo, you could clean your door to look like a new one. In the process, you could also identify some defects. Be proactive, check now if your doors are dirty, then schedule to clean them this weekend!

Polish your Exterior Wood Doors

When do you intend to celebrate your next birthday? Or perhaps you have an upcoming occasion and you’d expect some guests. Then you have to create a positive first impression from the entrance of your home. Apart from the landscaping and organization of your premises, your doors should look attractive.

The best way to make your door look new is to polish them. We recommend the following furniture polish for your doors:

  • Varnish polish
  • Polyurethane polish and Wax based polish.

We Can Help Maintain Your Doors and Locks

Paying proper attention to your door and security will help you keep your loved ones and belongings safe. If you do not have the time to maintain your doors and security system, the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith are ready to help. We have a team of extremely talented and highly experienced locksmiths to help in door lock repair and other services. Give us a call today.