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How to Fix a Master Key System
secondary October 30

How to Fix a Master Key System

Master key systems can be complicated but rarely fails without giving you red signs. In most cases, good locksmiths troubleshoot and recommend changes to the system; but usually, such recommendations are neglected by the management of most organizations sighting cost issues. With continuous usage, these minor issues sighted by locksmiths escalate and contribute to the failure of the system.

The failure of the master key system can result in a security breach for the entire organization. Depending on the complexity of the situation, everyone, including the management staff could be locked out of the building until a locksmith resolves the issue.

If your master key system is malfunctioning, this is the right time to fix it. Call the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith and we will send an experienced master key locksmith to evaluate the situation and proffer a solution.

So how can a nonprofessional or a home or business owner fix issues concerning the master key? We will explain the process in this article but first, you need to understand how a master key system works.

What is a Master Key System and How Does It Work?

The master key is a configuration using the cylinder, pins, tumbler, bolt, and strike plates. Usually, it is programmed to work with two or more levels of keying. That is the main key and other keys with limited access to different parts of the building.

For better understanding, with a master key system, the owner, or management staff can have access to all parts of the building – like the Bank vault, cabinets, service rooms, or other sensitive spaces.

The essence of master key installation or adaptation in an organization is to maintain better key control, security, and safety of visitors, customers, staff, and organizational hierarchy.

Whether you are running a small, medium-sized or large organization, the master key system will help you manage access control. However, the master key system can also develop issues and we will focus on how to fix them.

Working on a Master Key System

Long usage, organizational changes, and growth are some things to consider when you want to fix the master key system. Because of its complexity, we do not recommend DIY options for fixing the master key. Other factors that should make you rethink your master key system includes;

Loss of the Main Master or Passkey

Anyone in an organization can lose the key – CEO, general or regional managers. When this happens, before apportioning blames, you need to rekey or fix the system. The consequences of a criminal having access to your master key should not be imagined. So whosoever is responsible needs to act swiftly when the news breaks of the loss of a passkey.

To the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith, rekeying or cutting a new passkey is easy. We have all the equipment and expertise to do so.

Management Lay Off

If a member of the management team is laid off uncomfortably, it is advisable to upgrade or rekey the master key. People can misbehave due to emotions. So to be on the safe side, fix all aspects of the master key system.

After a Break-in

A successful break-in means that your security has been compromised! As a security-conscious person, you do not have to depend on the locking mechanism of the old master key. You have to call a professional to upgrade or fix the master key.

Let Us Evaluate and Fix Your Master Key System

When it comes to master key replacement, installation, and upgrades, we have an edge over the competition. Our master key specialists are knowledgeable, experienced, and trained. They pay attention to understanding the system, evaluate and surpass your expectations. Call us and have the peace of mind that your master key will work perfectly.