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Locksmith Tips and Tricks
secondary November 02

Locksmith Tips and Tricks

Want to keep your home always secure even when no one is available? If yes, nobody knows better than a professional locksmith. Due to the nature of our job in keeping your home safe, we have a lot of tips and tricks up our sleeve that can serve as an extra layer of security for your home.

What are those important tips and tricks? Let’s find out.

Rekey Locks in Your New Home

Just moved into a new home? Change your locks! You are not in total control of the keys. New homes are more susceptible to burglary. Perhaps, the site engineer shared the keys with different workers like the painters, interior decorators electricians and so on during the construction phase. Therefore, rekey all locks of your new or rented apartments. Another additional locksmith tip is to go for Grade 1 locks. They are the best and most secure types of locks for your front doors.

Add an Extra Layer of Locks

A standard lock will not be enough if you are serious about keeping your home secure and free of burglary. Burglars are always on top of their game and can pick through most locks. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get a deadbolt lock in addition to your standard lock, especially at your front and back doors. Top St. Louis Locksmith is at your service for your lock installation or upgrade.

Choose Unusual Hiding Spots

We don’t advise you to hide your keys near your house; instead, give them to a trusted family member or neighbor. However, when the latter choice is unavailable, ensure you keep your keys in unusual places. You just have to be creative while hiding your keys. For example, under your mat, behind your mailbox, or in the flower pot are all known to burglars. Hide your keys in a place not obvious.

Regular Checkups and Maintenance

Residential homeowners neglect routine maintenance of their locks and doors, forgetting that this equipment also wears off and gets weak after some period. Ensure you call a dependable locksmith to look at your locks and determine whether they are in good condition. Besides, if you are using locks that are more than ten years old, it is definitely time to change them.

Invest In Strong Doors

While locks play a major role in securing your door, a weak door won’t hold up against force. When it comes to your front and back doors, ensure you go for high-quality doors that can withstand force and weather conditions. A steel door is one of the best options for your front door, but other strong and durable alternatives are welcome.

Always Lock Your Doors

This tip may look like a basic thing everyone should know, but you will be surprised when you realize many homeowners don’t bother locking their doors. Ensure you always lock your doors even if you are not going far or inside the house. Burglars can also stroll into your home while you are around; it can be worse if they are armed. Therefore, the old advice our grandmas give is still valid till now; ensure you keep your doors locked.

For your emergency lockouts, lock replacement and installation, feel free to contact the Top St. Louis Locksmith. We are always at your service.