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How Much Does It Cost to Install A Panic Bar?
secondary October 19

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Panic Bar?

Having limited knowledge about panic bars is the reason some developers seem to take them for granted. Panic bars are compulsory components of commercial facilities designed for the safety of everyone during emergencies.

Usually, during fire incidents or other emergencies, the lift or elevators are shut down. At this point, all inhabitants, visitors, and employees are is requested to use the staircase and also open the door using the panic bars. The panic bar wasn’t always part of commercial building design until it was invented in the 80s for safe exits during tragic events or emergencies.

Panic bars became much more popular when they were made compulsory for commercial facilities by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Fire prevention and control guidelines for places of public accommodation. So the importance placed on this single safety door component invokes inquiries about the price. We will evaluate the cost as well as the value-added benefits of having panic bars on your doors.

Types of Panic Bars

The panic bars come in different types and designs. They are mostly made of steel tubes to provide an easy exit during emergencies.

The Horizontal Panic Bar

This is the typical design of panic bars. More than 80% of emergency doors have horizontal panic bars. The steel tubes get attached to the strike plate to release or open the door when there is a push.

Vertical Rod Panic Bars

Not as popular as the horizontal bars but has the same functions. This type of panic exit device is preferable for double doors without a center post. Depending on the design, they unlock the door from the top or bottom.

Concealed Rod Bars

As the name implies, they are hidden to enhance the aesthetic of the door. No surface-mounted rods but it runs through the hollow body of the frame. This device works perfectly by providing easy exit during emergencies.

Cost of Panic Bars

A typical horizontal panic bar could cost from $80 to $200 - excluding the door and the cost of professional installation.

The cost of a high-end vertical rod panic bar device is around $300 to $500. Also, there is a difference in price between the Mortise and Rim exit devices. It is better to contact an experienced locksmith at Top St. Louis Locksmith when considering panic bar installation in your commercial facility.

Benefits of the Panic Bar

Safety and Security

The major benefit of installing panic bars is to improve commercial and public building safety. Apart from allowing easy access for everyone inside a commercial building, they also provide security. It is difficult to open a door having panic bars. And they resist forcible entry.


Panic bars come with different designs that can fit your budget and building style. You could also go for concealed rod bars if you are interested in aesthetics.

A Professional is Available for Panic Bar Installation

Whether for ordinary or fire-rated doors, the experienced experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith are readily available to serve your needs. We understand the need to keep you and your loved ones safe during emergencies. Therefore, we go the extra mile to recommend and install the most reliable and effective panic bars for you. Moreover, we don’t let pricing get in the way, call us today.