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Advantages of Magnetic Card Locks
secondary October 13

Advantages of Magnetic Card Locks

Security and access control should be a top priority of any business owner or manager. Hotels, medical facilities, and financial institutions need locking systems that are resistant to bumping, picking, and drilling.

Moreover, advanced security systems build the confidence of customers, visitors, and employees of any organization. Therefore decision-makers of each organization should consider having magnetic card locks or other access control models as part of their security system. Such locks are manufactured using strong materials which enables them to safeguard your company from vandalism and theft.

Here are some of the benefits of switching to a more resilient and intelligent lock.

Optimum Control of Your Security System

Regulating access to your home or business premises will seem like a walk in the park with the installation of magnetic card locks. Usually, the lock comes with card-reading capabilities. They can be reconfigured to integrate other smart devices in your home and optimize access control. From keypads to biometric and fingerprint scanners, you will be sure that unauthorized people are restricted from accessing your commercial facility.

Saves Time and Costs

In some instances, the change of management staff may lead to the replacement of keys and locks. Your business can avoid costs associated with key cutting, lock rekeying, and replacement. We all know that employee turnover is a fact and a frequent occurrence for most organizations. Imagine changing all points of entry of a large commercial facility and the burden that could have on the organization's finance. You will stop worrying about the financial liability of lock change or repairs.

Invaluable Data for Investigations

Recent magnetic card locks record swipe times for individual cards. This particular feature is vital when there is a security breach in your facility. From the details of the card, you can trace or investigate the criminal activity.

Also, experts can use the data collected from those swipes for process efficiencies and security system upgrades.

Optimized Security

The purpose of magnetic locks is specifically for security optimization. They are designed to utilize a strong electromagnet force in keeping your doors safe from intruders and criminals.

Some of the products come with 275kg holding force. Meaning it will be difficult for forcible entry by burglars. Lockout issues are also minimized as you can program them to lock automatically. There is no comparison with traditional locks in terms of securing your property. To further minimize unauthorized access you can easily deactivate stolen or lost keys.

With the coded magnetic stripe and the RFID technology, they are almost impossible to pick. That is why these locks are very effective for hotel managers with limited cameras in their hallways. You will have the peace of mind that your guests and hotel are protected

Used for a Variety of Applications

Magnetic card locks are not just used for entry doors. Managers and property owners can install them in any space where access is restricted. Also, they are fully adjustable for optimum positioning for hidden compartments, gates, and other entrances.

Easy Installation

The installation of magnetic card locks is not complex and time-consuming as many would think. However, you need a professional locksmith to ensure everything works perfectly. If you need to install magnetic locks in your commercial facility, be assured that the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith are always available to help.