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How to Be Sure You Get the Right Door Locks
secondary March 09

How to Be Sure You Get the Right Door Locks

Door locks are critical components of our home security as they play an important role in keeping us safe. When you have high-security door locks at the main entry points of your home, it gives you the peace of mind that burglars will have a tough time before penetrating your home or business. They also enhance the décor of your front door if you can select a matching product.

However, it is a challenge to select the right door lock when you are embarking on a home enhancement project. This is because of the questionable marketing promises by lock manufacturers. You could buy a lock based on the advertorials which can break because of a few well-placed kicks by burglars.

For this reason, we have developed this article to help you make the right buying decision.

The Type of Lock Suitable for Your Door

What type of door do you have? In case you do not know, walk around your house to evaluate your door. Check if your entry door is a single or double leaf door.

What material is your door made of - wood, fiberglass, aluminum, glass, battened or flush? Most residential exterior doors are made of wood. Nevertheless, you got to be sure of the material and type of door you have. More so, the ‘health’ of your front door is another critical consideration. It will be a waste of money and time installing a high-security lock on a bad, hollow, or worn door. Once you are sure of the type of door and its effectiveness, then other factors will come into play.

The Right Type of Lock

Choosing the type of lock is the next step to ensuring that everything about your security system works perfectly. You have different options like cam, combinational, deadbolt, glass, electronic/stealth, or multiple-point lock system.

Choose deadbolts when you need high security in your home or office. And choose a high-grade lock for your entrance locks. However, the expert locksmiths at Top St. Louis Locksmith are ready to assist when it is difficult making a choice. Other factors to consider include:

The Style and Lock Design

Though this is a secondary consideration, your lock and door handle should match the overall theme of your home. Look at the color of your locks and the interior design of your home before selecting the lock. Imagine installing a red lock and door handle in a white-themed house. It will look absurd.

Smart Locks

Technological advancement has brought convenience to home and commercial security structures. You cannot talk about the right locks for your door without considering smart locks. They have been designed to make our lives easier.

Think about controlling your home security remotely and not worrying about keys. Moreover, with smart locks, you will have the log details of your home. That means you know how many people had access to your home.


Having a predefined budget will help you know the type of lock you want. Your budget should be based on the anticipated workload of the lock. For instance, you should not go for the least expensive lock where there is significant traffic. The lock will break down anytime soon.

Consult an Expert

We desire to feel good about the security of our family and guests. The best way to achieve that is always seeking the counsel of professionals when you need a lock replacement. Consult the experts from Top St. Louis Locksmith and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and secure.