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Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems
secondary March 04

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Are you tired of keeping track of multiple sets of keys for your office building? Do your family members often get locked out of the house because they’ve misplaced their keys? Are you concerned about the upsurge in crime in your neighborhood? Then you might want to consider investing in a keyless entry system. Modern technology has provided a lot of new features that conventional manual locks can’t provide. At Top St. Louis Locksmith, our mobile locksmith technicians offer a wide selection of premium services for local clients, including lock upgrades and keyless entry system installation. Whether you’re a homeowner or business manager, a new keyless entry system could provide many unique benefits. Read below to discover some of the top reasons property owners are choosing to make the switch. 

Ultimate Convenience 

One of the most popular reasons for installing a keyless entry system is that you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Lockouts and other key-related nuisances will no longer be a problem. Also, fumbling with the keys can be frustrating if you’re loaded down with groceries or packages. With keyless systems, there’s no need to dig in your purse or search your pockets. 

Enhanced Security 

Traditional locks can be a security risk, particularly if they are of the minimum standard variety that most home builders and office buildings install. These cheap locks can often be easily picked by seasoned criminals. Keyless systems cannot be bypassed by conventional methods. Burglars who want an easy target may be encouraged to move on to a house or business with less protection. In addition, lost keys can pose a problem if they get into the wrong hands or if they remain in possession of a disgruntled ex or former employee. The settings on keyless entry systems can be instantaneously altered, preventing access to anyone who shouldn’t be on your property. 

Enjoy Extra Features Unavailable with Manual Locks

There are a wide variety of keyless entry systems available on the market today. Many of these come with enhanced features that could only be found with digital locks. Upgrades such as high-definition security cameras, remote access, and alarms can give property owners even more control and peace of mind. Our team of experienced locksmiths will work one on one to help you choose a keyless entry lock system that will work best for your individual needs, lifestyle, design preferences, and budget. 

Do You Need a Keyless Entry System Installation Service? Give Our Team a Call

Have you determined that keyless entry systems are a worthwhile investment? If so, then there’s no need to wait. Take control of your property’s security today by calling the specialists at Top St. Louis Locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths are ready to help local property owners and drivers find ways to improve the safety of their investments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at any time to learn more about our offerings or to schedule an appointment with a St. Louis, Missouri, locksmith in your community.