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Best and Worst Places to Hide a House Key 
secondary March 16

Best and Worst Places to Hide a House Key

It's no news that burglars are aware of all the popular spots homeowners hide their spare keys outside. Although your reason for keeping the spare outside may be valid – trying to give access to a friend or family member when you are not around or for emergency lockouts. No matter the exceptions, keeping your keys outside is a clear-cut security breach.

However, if you insist on keeping your spare key outside, it must not be found at popular spots around your home. You need to come up with a few creative ideas on the locations that will not be easy for anyone to guess.

We will start by letting you know the worst places to hide your keys.

  • Under the Doormat

This is the most popular place homeowners hide their spare keys. Unfortunately, it is the first spot a burglar checks while searching for your keys. In no circumstance you should hide a spare key under the doormat. 

  • Under a Potted Plant

This is the next spot a burglar would check after opening the doormat to find your keys. Though some homeowners have taken it a bit further by stashing the key inside the pot, we are still not comfortable with the idea.

  • In the Mailbox

Another way of making your home vulnerable is by hiding your keys in the mailbox. It will only take the intruder about thirty seconds to locate the key in the mailbox. They will just open the mailbox to take the key.

  • On Top of the Front Door Frame

You are making it easier for an opportunist thief when you hide the key on top of a door or window frame. Intruders look at the door frame because they know it is one of the places some homeowners hide their keys.

  • Underneath a Stone

Whether it is a fake-looking rock or a stone that is near your front door, the thief will love to check it out.

Here are Some of the Good Places to Hide Your Key

Ideas for hiding your keys are not in short supply. However, it only takes a little bit of imagination to find a good place.

  • Keep it with a trusted friend or neighbor

If you are blessed to have a trusted friend or relative that is always available at home, you can keep a spare key with them. It is safer to keep your keys with your trusted friends or have an agreement for a swap.

  • The backyard

Most burglars don’t have time to search the backyard for keys. They are usually hesitant about the idea of searching your backyards for keys.

  • Bury the key

Rather than keeping your keys somewhere else inconspicuous, consider burying them. Use a small waterproof container to bury it at a spot far from your front door. Other options are combination lockboxes, rain gutters, or dog houses. Just be creating about the place to hide your key.

Upgrade the Security System of Your Home

Instead of hiding your spare keys at obvious spots, call a locksmith in Chesterfield to upgrade your lock. You can go for an electronic keypad lock or install a smart lock. That way, you will grant access to anyone and reduce the security vulnerability of your home. Call Top St. Louis Locksmith for key replacement and to help you make the right decision.