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Reasons Your Doorknob Won’t Turn and How to Fix Them
secondary March 21

Reasons Your Doorknob Won’t Turn and How to Fix Them

There are many issues concerning doors that you can encounter. Not being able to turn your doorknob is one of them. You might get locked in or out of a room because the knob mechanism is malfunctioning. Learning the possible reasons for why this happens and how to get yourself out of this situation will be useful to know if this ever happens.

Reasons Your Doorknob is Having Problems

There can be several reasons as to why your doorknob isn’t cooperating. It could be a simple mistake on your end such as inserting the wrong key into the keyhole. Often times two keys can look exactly the same but are actually sculpted differently. The wrong key might fit into the keyhole, but if it isn’t opening the lock as it should be, then it isn’t the one you should be using. To avoid this mistake, make sure to double-check that you’re inserting the right key. You can even have small labels that can help you to identify the correct key for its corresponding lock. A broken key may also be the case of your problems. Like everything else, keys can get worn down over the years of using them, making the teeth of the key useless after some time. Along with being worn out, the key may also get chipped without you noticing. Renewing your key every once in a while by duplicating it can be a good idea to help keep you out of frustrating situations. You can duplicate your keys with Top St. Louis Locksmith anytime. Sometimes, the key isn’t the problem, instead, it’s the lock. Debris such as dirt can tend to find its way inside lock holes. This can restrain the knob’s motions and jam the lock. You will need to clean out the debris before trying to turn the knob again. This is a relatively simpler problem to solve, but it can be overlooked. The misalignment of locks or the tendency of the lock to get damaged can also be the cause of your doorknob not turning properly.

Knob and Lock Issues and Their Solutions

The door locks can sometimes be a hassle to fix. You can take simple steps to get your door to unlock and work properly again.

First, check the knob for any obvious signs of damage. Straighten the damaged area with a screwdriver or any other helpful tool. If the damage on the lock is looking redundant, then you may need to replace your lock with Top St. Louis Locksmith. Next, check the tightness of the screws on your knob. Screws that are tightened too much can cause a bind-up on the lock mechanism. If you notice tightness, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws. Be sure to check if the knob is functioning properly after the adjustment. Lastly, be sure to lubricate the lock with graphite. Liquid lubricants tend to allow dirt to collect in locks, which causes jams. Using graphite expands the life of the lock by keeping it from freezing and preventing clogs. After applying the graphite, take your key and insert it into the lock a couple of times to distribute the lubricant evenly. If you maintain your knobs and locks responsibly, then they will less likely cause you problems.