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Signs Your Key Fob Needs Replacement
secondary November 19

Signs Your Key Fob Needs Replacement

Over time, key fobs have evolved from the usual functions of unlocking a vehicle to become theft deterrents. They help us to conveniently operate many things in the modern vehicle. But due to their complexity, key fobs still develop issues that may become a huge inconvenience if not detected on time.

Most times, key fobs become defective because of the carelessness of some car owners. Instead of having a safe space to keep the key fob, car owners drop them carelessly on the table or chair after a stressful day at work. Kids even use the key fobs as toys. Those are some of the factors that could cause your key fob to start malfunctioning.

So the secret to always enjoying your key fob is early identification of defects. You have to observe when the functions of the key fob have started to depreciate. Here are some ways to know that your key fob needs a replacement.

Reduced Signal Range

Have you noticed that over time, your key fob range decreased? You now have to get close before it could trigger the receiver in your car! That means there is a problem with your key fob. Ideally, most fobs have a signal range between 30 and 60 feet. So if the signal is not working like when it was brand new, then the reason is likely your key fob battery.

The batteries are the backbone behind all operations of the key fob. It powers the Radio-frequency as well as anything that has to do with your key fob. Change the batteries when you notice the key fob is no longer transmitting the normal signals.  

However, if the problem continues, you have to consider changing the key fob. The expert locksmiths at Top St. Louis Locksmith can help if you need key fob replacement service. We can even come to your location to deliver the service.

Repeated Clicks

With just a push of the button, your key fob should lock or unlock your car. If you notice that the clicks are becoming inconsistent – it requires repeated clicks before it could communicate or activate any function in your car, then there is a problem. When this happens, the battery should be the culprit. There is a high possibility that your batteries are weak and need replacement. However, if you have changed the batteries more than twice, consider replacing the key fob.

The Car Unlocks Slowly

Delayed unlocking is another problem with weak key fobs. Do not keep calm in case you start noticing delays when you want to unlock the car. It is a red sign that either the key fob is having issues or the signals from your car are low. Either way, you have to check the batteries of the car and your key fob. The weakness of your car batteries could even affect the blinking of the headlights. So try to ensure the batteries of your car is still strong and nothing is wrong with your key fob.

For all key fob issues, always rely on the expertise of Top St. Louis Locksmith. We will always come up with lightning-fast solutions in real-time to ensure you aren’t frustrated because of key fob issues. Give us a call today.