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Why Your Car Key Remote Doesn't Work
secondary July 15

Why Your Car Key Remote Doesn't Work

In a hurry for an appointment and you click the unlock button on your car key remote, but nothing happens! Usually, you may think it is a joke until you try several times without having access to your car. Lockouts due to defective key fobs could happen to anyone!

Calm down if you are in such a situation because all hope is not lost. You can regain access to your car to meet up with the said appointment. A mobile technician from Top St. Louis Locksmith can be right there to fix the issue if you call us.

Meanwhile, here are some of the reasons your car key stopped working and what to do about that.

Dead Key Fob Batteries

Sometimes, your key fob only needs new batteries. The battery is the livewire of every key fob and it could deteriorate at any given time. When this happens, the keyless entry remote will not send adequate or incorrect signals to the receiver. The incomplete communication between the remote and receiver from your car causes the malfunction of the security system.

If you notice the key fob isn’t working, remove and replace the batteries. Most times, the batteries are the problem with your key. Apart from the batteries, dropping the key fob inside water can damage it temporarily. Though the modern keys are sophisticated, they have low water resistance capabilities. After changing your batteries and the key isn’t working, then check out our next suggestion.

Broken or Damaged Locks

A broken lock may be the problem resisting you from gaining access. The key may break off when too much pressure is applied consistently to it. This problem is related to old-school types of keys. For remote keys, there might be a disconnection at the battery terminals, or a connection is breached by moisture or dirt. You need to do a visual inspection to know the problem you are facing.

Ignition Cylinder Problems

The ignition cylinder can become problematic. Whether you are using an old or modern car, components of the ignition may start malfunctioning due to wear and tear. A defective ignition key does not turn and will not start the engine. If that is the case, you must work on the ignition cylinder before attempting to start your car. An experienced locksmith or technician can help fix a defective ignition cylinder.

Wrong Programming

If the problem is not broken contacts or misaligned buttons, it is possible that the key fob needs to be reprogrammed. Programming issues prevent the car from locking or unlocking whenever the batteries are changed. You can follow a specified procedure for reprogramming or call a locksmith.

Let us help!

Key fob programming, car key replacement, rekeying, lock installation, and repairs are some of our core offerings to clients. Our locksmiths are knowledgeable and qualified to offer a variety of services. Additionally, we do our job with diligence and precision to ensure clients are 100% satisfied. Call Top St. Louis Locksmith today to get all your needs met.