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Why Should Real Estate Agencies Hire Reliable Locksmiths?
secondary April 07

Why Should Real Estate Agencies Hire Reliable Locksmiths?

Part of the responsibilities of a real estate agency is to handle difficult tenants according to the provisions of the law. They will have to deal with home improvement requirements, eviction assistance, foreclosures, lock rekeying, and replacement needs of the tenants. 

More so, the realtors must evaluate every property they put out there for sale. They must ensure that all functional systems in the house are working including plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling (HVAC), and security systems. Here are more reasons real estate agents should always stay in touch with an experienced locksmith.

Tenant Expulsions

Foreclosures or eviction of a tenant means the removal from a rented property by the landlord. This process must follow the state or local jurisdiction procedures. Though it is regrettable most times for all parties involved, usually, emotions and tensions run high during evictions. And that is the most reason you need a certified and registered locksmith.

In most jurisdictions, registered locksmiths are needed to restore access and key control after the eviction process is complete. In some severe cases where the landlord does not have keys to the apartment, an eviction locksmith will be needed on-site with a sheriff to open the lock. After which, the locksmith will provide lock change or rekeying service to restore control to the landlord.

Locksmith Follows the SOPs Instructed in the Work Order

All documentation about tenancy eviction must be followed before the process can be considered appropriate. The real estate agent or landlord has to write to the locksmith company requesting their presence during the tenant eviction. For this reason, the landlord needs to consult a registered and certified locksmith professional for all expulsion needs.

Lockout Services

Landlords may require a locksmith to provide lockout services when a tenant is involved in an emergency lockout situation. They will have to call mobile locksmith service providers trained to offer such services. Whether it is a residential or commercial lock-out, the trained locksmith at Top St. Louis Locksmith will give you satisfactory services.

Consequences of Not Hiring a Locksmith During an Eviction Process

In case the realtor or building manager refuses to hire a locksmith during the eviction process, there could be consequences in terms of lawsuits and costly legal expenses. Therefore, to avoid paying a heavy price during the eviction process, real estate agents should go for a dependable eviction locksmith in their area. At Top St. Louis Locksmith, we have experienced locksmiths trained to assist realtors during eviction processes. We will also abide by the client's specifications in removing and installing new locks and keys.

Call us for All Your Eviction Locksmith Service Needs

If you need experienced and knowledgeable local locksmiths to assist you during tenant eviction, then get in contact with us. Our locksmiths understand the Standard Operating Procedures for tenant eviction. We understand your needs during an eviction, as we go the extra mile to surpass your expectation.

More so, if you are new in the system, our locksmiths will give you a rundown on the most important steps to take during eviction lock replacement to avoid breaching the laws of the state or local jurisdiction.