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Most Secure Residential Locks
secondary April 27

Most Secure Residential Locks

The need for convenience has broadened the scope of home security. Homeowners are increasingly considering CCTV and integrating alarm systems in their security systems. While that is a commendable approach, having a sturdy and reliable door lock should be the priority of every homeowner.

The right door setup does not only look good on your entryways, it gives you the peace of mind that your loved ones and belongings are safe. So how can you identify the most secure residential locks to need up your home security?

The solution is to know what features and factors to search for when you want to buy a residential lock. Therefore, we have put together this resource to simplify the process for homeowners wanting to buy new locks or upgrade their home security.

  • The Type of Lock Cylinder

The cylinder is part of the lock into which the bolt fits and also contains the pins that control the locking and unlocking functions of the lock. However, there are two basic types of cylinders:

  • The single and
  • Double cylinders

These lock cylinders are components of the various locks like the deadbolt, mortise, rim, key knob, and key in lever locks. As a homeowner, you should go for locks with cylinders that can provide adequate resistance against picking attempts, bumping, and lock impressioning. We recommend you go for double cylinder locks especially when you reside in an area that experiences a great deal of robbery.

  • Materials and Lock Grade Classification

Every homeowner interested in fortifying their security should consider locks made from heavy-duty metal components. Though top-quality locks might be pricey, insist on buying locks with grade 1 or 2 ANSI ratings for your front door.

  • Bolt Strength of the Lock

The best deal for any homeowner looking to beef up his security is high-security locks with hardened steel bolts. Such locks give burglars a tough time because they have high resistance to cutting, kicking, and other maneuvering techniques. Other factors to consider are drill protection and patented keyways.

Now you have gotten a full grasp of the factors to consider when buying residential locks, here are some of our few recommended residential locks.


This is a high-security door lock that is designed with hardened steel inserts and rotating pins. The lock has a high drill and picks resistance which equates it to ANSI Grade 1 standard for auxiliary locks. Apart from its sturdy nature, it comes in an aesthetically pleasing package. Since this lock can withstand just about any type of drill, it is our first pick in this mini resource.


Those searching for a smart lock shoiuld go for this product from Yale. This lock comes with some features including; voice control, an access log, and a WiFi bridge from August for remote control. More so, this lock is simple to install and even easier to use.

Bosma Aegis Smart Lock SL0001

This is a highly rated retrofit smart lock go for those who want to keep using the interior side of their deadbolt. That means you can still use your keys as well as enjoy its optimum features like auto-locking/unlocking, voice control, and access log.

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