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The Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables
secondary May 28

The Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables

Criminals prefer operating in secrecy. They aim to have peace of mind while enjoying their loot. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t make the process easier for them. Therefore, creativity is the key when it comes to concealing your belongings to avoid saying goodbye to your hard-earned properties. Here are some of the places you shouldn’t hide your valuables.

Backpack or Suitcase

Some homeowners have the impression that the suitcase or backpack is a good place to conceal their valuables. Unfortunately, burglars will not hesitate to search the suitcase when it is visible. Their reaction could even worsen when it is locked up. Sometimes, instead of forcing it to open, the thieves will go away with the suitcase.

So stop hiding your jewelry and money in there because there are better alternatives.

Bathroom and Medicine Cabinets

While it may seem convenient to hide valuables in the bathroom or medicine cabinets, these areas are often targeted during burglaries. Burglars are aware that many people keep prescription medications in these locations and are likely to search for additional items of value. Avoid storing valuable items in these easily accessible areas.

Freezers and Refrigerators

Storing valuables in the freezer or refrigerator may sound like a clever idea, but it's a hiding place that burglars have caught onto. It's important to remember that thieves are familiar with these tactics and often check these appliances during break-ins. Choose alternative hiding spots that are less predictable. For clarity, you can contact a locksmith for suggestions on where to hide most of your valuables.

Underneath the Bed

While hiding valuables underneath the bed may seem secure, it is one of the first places burglars will search. It's a common hiding spot that lacks creativity and security. Instead, consider investing in a secure safe or utilizing hidden compartments within furniture for better protection.

Desk Drawers and Filing Cabinets

While these may seem like secure locations, burglars are often quick to search through desk drawers and filing cabinets, especially in home or office settings. If you must use these areas, consider utilizing a locked drawer or a hidden compartment within the furniture for added security.

Fake or Obvious Diversion Safes

Diversion safes are designed to look like everyday objects, such as books or soda cans, but seasoned burglars are aware of these tactics. While they can be effective in some scenarios, it's important to choose diversion safes that are unique and inconspicuous. Avoid using obvious or generic-looking diversion safes that may raise suspicions.


Just as we stated earlier when it comes to hiding your valuables, creativity and unpredictability are key. Avoid obvious hiding places such as under mattresses, in sock drawers, or inside jewelry boxes. Additionally, stay away from areas like bathroom cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers, as burglars are known to search these locations.

Instead, consider investing in a secure safe or utilizing hidden compartments within the furniture. Remember, the more unique and discreet your hiding spot, the better. However, if the security of your home is compromised, do not hesitate to call Top St. Louis Locksmith for safe opening. Our experience and competence are our pride. Call us for all your safe opening and other locksmith needs.