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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Door
secondary May 19

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Door

Apart from ensuring the security and safety of your employees, having a rugged security system gives peace of mind to customers and visitors. Your business will not strive when it is always under attack by intruders and criminals.

So how do you enhance your organization's security to restore confidence in your employees, customers, and visitors as well? An effective way to achieve your aim is to upgrade your commercial door. Read on to learn three effective ways of upgrading your commercial doors to rip the benefits long time.

Install Blast-resistant Doors

Blast doors are designed with high-tensile materials to resist blasts and forceful entry. They are extra strong. Meaning they can resist kicks from criminals and intruders keeping your business safe. Some may argue that blasting doors will make your office look weird or geeky. That is only for traditional designs.

Recently, blast doors can be customized to match the aesthetics of your office. And the good news is you can customize these doors without affecting the blast resistivity of the materials.

Think about the level of security you will achieve after installing blast resistance doors and forget about other people's notions. Locksmiths at Top St. Louis Locksmith can also help you install sturdy locks that would go with the doors.

Install High-Security Access Control Systems:

Access control is a fundamental aspect of commercial door security. Upgrading your door with advanced access control systems ensures that only authorized individuals can enter your premises, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access, theft, and other security breaches.

Access control systems come with different designs and functionality. Some of the options you need to consider are

  • a) Biometric Authentication

Biometric systems, such as fingerprint or facial recognition technology, provide a highly secure and convenient method for access control. These systems are virtually impossible to forge, ensuring that only authorized personnel can gain entry.

  • b) Smart Card Readers

Smart cards, combined with card readers, offer an efficient and flexible access control solution. With smart cards, you can easily grant or revoke access privileges, track employee movements, and even integrate the system with other security measures, such as video surveillance.

  • c) Keypad or PIN Entry Systems

Keypad or PIN entry systems are cost-effective solutions that can be easily integrated into existing commercial doors. By assigning unique PINs to employees or visitors, you can regulate access and monitor who enters and exits your premises.

3 Upgrade to Automatic Door Systems:

If you are a classy manager who loves integrating technology and automation, this type of door will be a perfect fit for your business. You would enjoy numerous benefits such as enhancing both convenience and accessibility. Also with automatic door systems, your business will experience smooth and effortless entry and exit for customers, employees, and visitors. They eliminate the need for manual opening and closing, streamlining the flow of foot traffic, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Also, you will minimize the spread of germs in your organization, promoting a safer environment for employees and customers.


You can take your security a notch further by implementing remote monitoring and control. This provides an additional layer of convenience as you can monitor and control your commercial doors remotely. Certainly, upgrading your commercial door is a proactive step towards enhancing security, efficiency, and functionality within your business premises.

Take advantage of our door lock installation services to significantly elevate your commercial door's performance. We can send expert locksmiths to evaluate your security as well as suggest the right commercial door upgrade for your business.