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Should Your Deadbolt and Door Lock Open with the Same Key?
secondary August 17

Should Your Deadbolt and Door Lock Open with the Same Key?

Have you seen doors with two locks but controlled by a single key? Such a setup is called keyed alike door locks. Most times, homeowners request such lock installation to suit their lifestyles.

The majority of those requesting keyed alike door locks are prone to misplacing their keys. So it boils down to your preference before requesting for lock installation. If this is a new concept to you, never worry, we will explain everything in this article.

What is keyed alike lock?

As we stated above, it is a setup allowing a single key to open two locks. In a normal scenario, every lock must have a separate key. The keyed alike lock arrangement comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Convenience and simplicity is the selling point for keyed alike locks. You no longer worry about keeping track of two keys.

Imagine returning from the grocery, pushing the trolley and holding your baby while the other kids run around and you will have to find two different keys. Meanwhile, opening the door will be easier for someone having keyed alike doors. So key your locks the same to enjoy easy access.

Use the Spare when one is lost

The single-keyed lock allows you access even when a key is lost. You only have to pick the spare. But that cannot be said for locks with separate keys. You must call an insured locksmith to open one of the locks if the key is lost.

Disadvantages of Keyed alike Locks

Reduced Security

The main disadvantage of the keyed alike locks is reduced security. Remember, most thefts are crimes of opportunity and you will be more vulnerable when a single key can operate your locks. Assuming the key is compromised, the security of your property is already in jeopardy!

Also, locks using a single key can be manipulated by the same process. So it is good you are aware of the consequences of using locks that operate by a single key.

Replacement Cost

It will be more expensive to replace two locks when you loss the keys. Also, if an unauthorized party gains access to your property, you do not have the chance for lock rekeying. You only have to change all the locks on your property.

We assume you have weighed the pros and cons of having keyed alike locks, so you can make an intelligent choice.

Consider Upgrading Your Locks

If you are tired of losing your keys, then consider upgrading to keyless entry locks. Depending on your preference and the need for security, install deadbolt keyless entry locks in your home. The stress of carrying a bunch of keys is over. By installing keyless or smart locks you can use codes, key fobs or access cards to access your home.

Contact a Locksmith for Lock Installation

No matter the level of security you want for your property, a professional can help you achieve that. We will recommend or install locks and security system that has high resistance to picking. Let a professional from Top St. Louis Locksmith help with all your key replacement needs. We will send well-equipped and trained experts as soon as you call.