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2022 Summer Security Tips
secondary August 12

2022 Summer Security Tips

As we are about witnessing another summer season, your security should be one of the top priorities. Experts emphasize on security during summer because from available records property crimes and theft are always at their peak at this period.

At Top St. Louis Locksmith, our goal is to help current and potential clients reduce their homes security vulnerabilities and also help to prevent losses due to burglary. Therefore, we provide summer security tips in this article that will make your home not to be one of their targets.

Upgrade or Install New Security System

Burglars have discovered many ways of bypassing old security locks. Most of those locks old locks cannot withstand the sophisticated equipment used by some of these criminals. To ensure your belongings are safe while you ensure your vacation, we recommend upgrading to electronic or smart locks. With an advanced security system, you will not only enjoy many features but have the peace of mind that your property is safe.

Smart locks will allow you provide temporary access to family members, friends, cleaners, technicians and more. You get full access to the entry and exit logs which keeps you informed about all happenings in your property while away. Smart locks give you plenty of options and they are not as costly as many may think. Contact us for guidance about the smart lock that will fit your need.

Fix Motion Sensor Lights

Their name says it all, motion sensor lights are valuable additions to your security system. They have specialized sensors that activates the lighting system in the spots they are set. You know already that criminals love to operate in darkness and undictated. When you fix motion sensors at hidden places around your compound, they will emit random flashes of light to alert the security personnel or other neighbors.

Also install an alarm system to take your security to the next level. The alarm and lighting systems add a blanket of surveillance to your security by scaring away potential invaders. No burglar is comfortable when fluorescent light is shining down on them and the alarm is blaring.

Invest in Security Cameras

An effective way to fortify your security and scare away invaders is to install security cameras. Criminals will have no choice than to check-out another location if you have effective alarm systems and cameras. Look beyond the dollar amount and focus on the benefits of having an advanced security system while on vacation. 

Monitor Home Activity Remotely 

Another good thing about having an integrated security system is the ability to monitor all activities remotely. No matter your location in the universe, monitoring what’s going on only requires a good internet connection.

Imagine answering your doorbell with a video chat while keeping your body cool inside a Jacuzzi in a pouch hotel! Aside the top notch security, smart lock provides convenience that is out of this world!

Get Guidance from an Expert

There are other secret security tips meant exclusively for our clients. Call or visit Top St. Louis Locksmith to find out the secret of having peace of mind about your security while on vacation.