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Schlage vs. Kwikset
secondary May 25

Schlage vs. Kwikset

There are two dominant brands in the world of locks that you will find in every store and almost 98% of residential houses - Schlage and Kwikset. You may have narrowed your search down to these two locks and may be wondering which of them will best suit your needs. 

Both companies - Schlage and Kwikset; make quality locks that have passed standard lock tests, but we all know that one will perform better, even if it is a slight difference. Before we continue, here is a brief background. 

Schlage and Kwikset are pioneers of the lock industry starting in the early 90s. The two brands are responsible for producing high-quality locks which is an edge over other locks. However, for the sake of this article, we will be comparing the standard deadbolt locks manufactured by each company. By doing this, we will compare the necessary criteria that make a lock highly secure and durable. Let’s get right into it. 

Lock Housing

The lock housing protects the cylinder and inner mechanism of the lock from forceful entry. Schlage and Kwikset did a great job by using durable and robust metal. Schlage’s lock housing uses a much stronger and sturdier metal that leaves no hollows to protect the internal mechanism of their locks making them harder to drill or burgle. In contrast, Kwikset metal is much lighter and leaves some hollows in between. Therefore, when it comes to lock housing, Schlage wins!

Bolt Size

The bolt of a lock is what keeps your door locked. It is that metal that retracts and extends to allow you access. The bolt size and strength also determine whether your door will be in place or give way when force is applied. Schlage has a thicker and longer bolt. The bolt size feature makes it a better choice over Kwikset.

Drill Resistance Plate

A drill resistance plate is placed at the front of the lock to prevent forceful drilling and protect the screws from exposure. Schlage makes use of a drill resistance plate and also hides its screws making it hard to drill a Schlage deadbolt lock off a door. In contrast, Kwikset doesn’t come with any form of drill resistance plate and the lock screws are exposed. In this round, Schlage wins.

Cylinder Resistance

Another important criterion is cylinder resistance. During the manufacturing process of locks, the part is assembled by machines that are not 100% perfect. As a result, there is always a tiny space between the lock cylinder and the housing, which makes it rotate a bit even when your door is locked. The greater the rotation, the easier it is to pick the lock. Kwikset rotation is slightly higher than that of Schlage making Kwikset locks easier to pick. As usual, Schlage has an edge. 

Security Pins

The last thing we will consider is security pins. Security pins are inserted in a lock to make it harder to pick. In the case of Schlage, the locks contain four security pins while Kwikset contains two security pins. When it comes to the difficulty of picking these two locks, Schlage is the winner! 

We’ve taken a look at the two best lock manufacturers and you may have concluded that Schlage locks are the best if you are looking for more secure and durable locks. However, both brands are great. If you are looking for a reliable locksmith to handle all your lock installation, Top St. Louis Locksmith provides affordable lock installation options.