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Car Ignition and Door Lock Common Issues
secondary May 18

Car Ignition and Door Lock Common Issues

Car keys are one of the many things taken for granted until they stop working. However, despite its seemingly minute nature, car keys are important in performing essential functions like starting your car engine, unlocking, and locking your car.

While we may focus more on issues that border on tire pressure, engine, lubricants, and even watering our car, we must also pay attention to our car keys. It is an important tool in unlocking our car door and starting its ignition. This article examines the common issues associated with car ignition and door locks.

Common Car Key Issues

Unlocking your car and turning the ignition to drive off takes only a few seconds, and we sometimes do so without much of a thought that anything could go wrong. Hence, we may fail to anticipate the possibility of anything going wrong. Whether or not you have had issues with your car keys and their ignition or lock, the issues listed below are why they happen.

Worn Out Key or Ignition

Over time, everything wears out, including keys, car locks, and ignition. Older vehicles are more likely to have their ignitions stop working due to wear and tear. Wearing out is usually unavoidable, particularly when the length of years is a factor. Nevertheless, careful use can help prevent wearing from occurring frequently. More importantly, you can request the services of your local auto locksmith to help keep you check wear and tear of any car lock component.

Using The Wrong Key

There is a possibility of inserting the wrong key in your door lock or ignition, especially when you have more than a car. Car keys are often similar, making it possible to mix them up. Furthermore, inserting the wrong key in your ignition may cause a level of damage. As force will be employed when fitting the key in the keyhole or turning the ignition, which will damage the tumbler in the lock or ignition.

To avoid this, simply double-check your car keys if you have more than one car, and cultivate a habit of inserting and turning your keys without excessive force.

Stuck Steering Wheel

Today, most cars are equipped with a built-in security feature that locks the steering wheel when the key is removed. The built-in security system prevents thieves from stealing your car without a key, as it locks the steering wheel and makes the ignition stuck.

To troubleshoot this, do not attempt to force the key to turn in the ignition. Instead, in a gentle wiggle motion, turn the steering wheel back and forth to release the pressure; and turn the key slowly in the ignition to start the car.

While the common issues associated with car ignition and door locks mentioned above can be resolved personally without a professional, however, cases of a bent key or damaged lock will require the services of an experienced locksmith in St. Charles for a lasting fix. At Top St. Louis Locksmith, we are home to expert professionals who can help with your car keys, door locks, and ignition issues. Give us a call today