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7 Benefits of Rekeying Locks for Homeowners
secondary September 01

7 Benefits of Rekeying Locks for Homeowners

Rekeying is simply the process of changing the internal mechanism or configuration of the lock to render the old keys invalid. The locksmith provides a new key to the tenant or homeowner after changing the internal pins of the lock. Though rekeying your locks doesn’t alter the security features, it is a way of having total control of your security.

Most homeowners are aware of lock replacement, but only a handful of them are knowledgeable about lock rekeying and its benefits. In this article, we are going to portray the benefits of lock rekeying.


If you have a massive building, imagine the cost of changing all the locks! The amount will even skyrocket when you are dealing with top-quality locks. But rekeying gives you a cost-effective alternative. Instead of changing all the entire hardware, the locksmith will change the internal pins and provide you with new keys. You will pay less but enjoy the same level of security.


Having to remove all the locks in your home could be a time-consuming activity. A professional locksmith could have your locks rekeyed very quickly. Also, you will pay less for the time spent.

Helps Homeowners Fix Security Breach

No waiting to purchase new locks if your security is compromised. Or probably, you have lost your keys but cannot afford to replace the locks. All you have to do is contact a reliable locksmith that will rekey the locks within minutes.

Improved Security

Though changing the internal components of your locks does interfere with the locking mechanism, you will regain control of your security. If your keys have ‘changed hands and you cannot determine the intentions of individuals that could have access to them, them rekeying the locks comes to the rescue.

Gives you Peace of Mind

Peace of mind has no monetary value attached and cannot be quantified. However, it is a state of mind in which you are not troubled by what is happening. You can just relax and know that you have maximum control of your security system.

Helps to Fix Faulty or Broken Locks

Rekeying is also an aspect of lock repair. Depending on the issues at hand, the locksmith could recommend rekeying as a means of fixing faulty or broken locks. Especially when the key is weak. With the new keys provided, the possibility of having broken keys will be minimized.

Extends the Lifespan of the Lock

You can revive a dying lock by rekeying. Apart from giving you the chance to use new keys, it helps the locks to function more efficiently and last longer.

Use as a Master Key Setup

Depending on the configuration of the internal setup, the locksmith could have a key to access all the locks. Invariably, you will have a master key without spending a lot of money.


We can go on to express other benefits derivable from rekeying your locks. On the flip side, rekeying is never the solution if your locks are outdated or broken. Lock replacement will be a better option in such a situation. For all your rekeying and other locksmith services, contact the experts from Top St. Louis Locksmith. We deliver quality locksmith services at an unbeatable price.