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Which Items Should You Store in a Home Safe?
secondary August 10

Which Items Should You Store in a Home Safe?

A wide range of valuable things are typically kept within one's residence, from electronic devices to vital documents. Unfortunately, these items are frequently targeted by thieves.

A single burglary can result in not just economic hardship but also the loss of valuables.

Because of these concerns, you then decide to invest in a home safe. However, you might be skeptical about the right item to be in the safe. Size and space are usually constraints.

With that, here are a list of valuable items to store in your safe, as opposed to being kept unprotected. Ensure you contact a locksmith for your safe opening and installation. Let's begin.

Important Keys

Chances are, your daily key ring is overloaded with keys that don't belong there. Your keyring should hold vehicle keys, house keys, and safe keys (if applicable).

In contrast, more frequently utilized keys may remain in plain sight, while non-essential items like off-site key duplicates or specialty locks can be securely protected at home using a lockbox or safe.

Having a backup car key stashed away in the safe offers a precautionary measure.


Money is among the most simple assets to protect inside a safe. It is extremely susceptible to theft and fire. Even if you only keep small amounts around the house for emergencies, it is still better to store them somewhere protected.

This ensures you'll have a reserve of ready cash for unexpected situations. Besides, it is worth noting that a safe not only safeguards against burglars but also curious kids who might stumble upon it.

Important Documents

Birth certificates, social security cards, property titles, insurance policies, home photos, bank account information, health care documents, wills, and other crucial paperwork should all find a home in a fireproof home safe.

In case of a disaster, these measures would offer insurance against harm. The safe should also contain essential items for rebuilding your life in the aftermath of an unplanned situation.

Safeguarding crucial documents inside a secure safe proves that their location will remain a mystery. Security and availability are guaranteed, till you require them. Ensure you get in touch with a skilled locksmith when you need help with your safe.


As technology becomes increasingly compact, thieves find it easier to make away with valuable items. Smartphones and slate devices possess considerable worth, making them easy to carry around.

The loss of high-end devices such as Google Pixel phones or affordable Nexus tablets can be anxiety-inducing due to their storage of sensitive information. For these vital items, a laptop safe is a wise choice.

Valuable Jewelry

Certain items like expensive jewelry should be locked away when not in use. These valuable possessions require protection from theft or fire, which a home safe can offer.


If you have important medications, especially life-saving ones like insulin, it is good to keep them in a secure location.

Children tend to be curious and might grab at things like medication, which can pose serious dangers.

Family Heirlooms

Any other items that you plan to pass down to the next generation or consider valuable to your family should also be stored in a safe.


If you don't possess a home safe for safeguarding your valuable belongings, or if you require safe opening services, call us at Top St. Louis Locksmith. We will handle every aspect of the installation, lock repair or safe opening at an affordable price. Call us today.