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What to Do in the Case of a Home Lockout
secondary February 26

What to Do in the Case of a Home Lockout

Finding yourself on the wrong side of a locked door can be a challenging situation. And this could happen to anyone at the most inconvenient time! It could occur in the morning when you are preparing to leave or after a stressful day at work. At such times, you have to figure out ways to regain access. Don't worry, Top St. Louis Locksmith has got you - here are practical steps to take in case of a home lockout.

Try Non-destructive Ways of opening the Lock         

You could try using your credit card or a similar tool to open the lock. It isn’t a complex process, just slide the latch back using the card and the door will open. However, lock picking only works on simple spring or tumbler locks. If you are not careful, it could damage your lock or the card.

So, there is a need to be careful when using this method. Also, remember that attempting to break into your own home or tamper with the lock can be dangerous and may cause damage to your property.

Check for Spare Keys

Apparently, this is the easiest way to regain access to your home. Usually, the spare key is hidden somewhere around your property. Some homeowners give to trusted friends or a key buddy. If that is the case, call the person to provide the key. In case the key is somewhere accessible, go straight up and use it to gain entry. Though hiding a spare key is a good option, try not to place it around an obvious area like under a mat, on top of the window frame, or the flower pot.

Try other Entry Points

Some buildings have other entry points you can check out – like the windows, garage, or backyard doors. In some instances, you may not have the keys. So call a colleague or family member with the correct way of access.

Contact a Professional for Help

Have you checked or tried the options we suggested above but cannot regain access? No need to worry, call a professional service provider. Locksmiths have the skills and tools needed to help you regain access to your home, without causing damage to the lock or door. However, contacting a random locksmith may lead you to the wrong hands. Top St. Louis Locksmith have worked with multiple clients with proven track records of delivering satisfactory services. Moreover, our mobile locksmiths can come to you once we receive your call.

Wrapping Up

Lockouts can be a frustrating experience. Remember to stay calm, assess the situation, and consider all available options before taking any action. When in doubt, call a professional locksmith to help you resolve the issue safely and efficiently. But as professionals, we will advise you to take preventive measures for future lockouts by having a spare key. If the lockout situation is frequent, you can upgrade your locks to electronic or smart locks. That way, you will not require physical keys.

Always have in mind that Top St. Louis Locksmith will come to you if you have issues and need lockout service.