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How to Unlock a Door Without a Key
secondary April 04

How to Unlock a Door Without a Key

If you have a lockout emergency, the dependable locksmiths from Top St Louis Locksmith could help you get back inside. We will arrive at your location as soon as we receive your call. However, for those that prefers the DIY route, here are proven ways to unlock a door without a key.

Use a Credit Card 

This method works well for spring locks and should not be sued to open deadbolts. It is also a good option when considering lock rekeying. All you need do is grab a card that is bent or no longer in use, so even if it breaks or spoils in the process, it won't be a problem. 

While holding the door handle, insert the card between the lock and frame and jostle it in there. You can also use a knife for this if there is no card. You will need to keep poke on the knob for some time before the door opens.

Use a Paper Clip or Screwdriver

You can open doors with privacy handles using a small screwdriver to poke a hole in the doorknob. Locate a small hole in the knob and insert a screwdriver inside the hole. Drive it deep inside gradually. Ensure you push the screwdriver or paperclip until it gets deep into the doorknob, and twist it in an anti-clockwise manner till it hooks a groove and the door unlocks.

Lock Picking

Picking the lock is simply distorting the components of the door lock if you don't have the key. If this works for you, you can do lock rekeying after opening the door. Grab an Allen Wrench and push the short end into the keyhole. Put the paperclip at the bottom of the keyhole while applying pressure on the tool. Use the paperclip to pick the lock until the door opens. 

What Other Options Will Work as an Alternative

If your last resort is to break the lock, then do it but ensure people know you are the apartment's owner to avoid suspicion. Before breaking the door, ensure it is the only option left after trying others.

Use Something Heavy to Hit the Door

One of the last options is to break the door and do a key replacement afterward. Use something heavy to strike the door open. A tool like a hammer will do the job, and you can grab one from your car or collect from a neighbor.

Take Off the Hinges

Get a flathead screwdriver to pull off the hinges. Use the screwdriver to wedge it between the knuckle and the pin. Then, use a hammer to knock on the handle to loosen the pin. It is easy to use this same process to remove all the hinges.


If you have been looking for how to unlock your door without a key, in this article, you have the solution. If you find any methods easy, use them. If not, hire a locksmith in Florissant.  

At Top St Louis Locksmith, we have trained technicians that can open any lock and offer key replacement services. Feel free to reach us today, and we will deliver prompt and professional services.