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How to Pick a Lock
secondary January 04

How to Pick a Lock

Ever believed you could get locked out of your house? Of course, the answer is NO! Unfortunately, it happens and anyone could be a victim. Apart from the fact that people get locked out frequently these days, it is frustrating and also happens at the most inconvenient times.

So what is the fastest solution to a home lockout – especially when you desperately need to get access to your home? DIY lock pick.

Knowing how to pick your lock is a special skill that could save you from an annoying situation. You shouldn’t be standing in front of your doors like a dummy hoping that a professional locksmith shows up to offer lockout service and new lock installation. Go ahead and pick the lock! Read on to learn fast lock-picking techniques.

Tools needed

  • Bobby pin or a paperclip
  • Raking tools
  • Tension wrenches
  • Lock lubricant
  • A lock-picking set.

Usually, homeowners are never prepared to pick their locks so it's almost impossible for a DIYer to have a lock picking set in their vehicle or elsewhere. But you could get bobby pins and tension wrenches at any departmental store.

Picking a Pin Tumbler Lock

No doubt, pin tumbler locks are one of the most secure in the market. Standard locks don’t only have the tumbler locking mechanism, some classes of deadbolts can also be classified as pin tumblers. Their internal mechanism is made up of a driver, uneven key pins, a shear line, and a housing sitting in the plug. Though tumbler locks are made up of pins, but the number varies according to design and complexity. However, you only need patience, the right tools, and skills to pick the pin tumbler locks.

The first step is to get your bobby pins or paper clips – ensure that your tools are good enough to move the pins. Insert the bobby pins through the keyhole, wiggle gradually and consistently to open the lock.

Your target should be to move the pins so it could allow the keyhole cylinder to rotate. If you can succeed in doing this, you can open the bolt.

Use the Tension Wrench Method

The tension wrench is another important tool that could help you open the lock fast. Get a tension wrench and insert it through the keyway. The purpose is to push up the individual pins. As we stated in the other procedure, this also requires patience. Once you can push up all the pins, the lock will open. You can apply lubricants to the lock to make the process much easier.

Key Takeaway

In closing, we want to add a disclaimer. The procedure shared in this article is for an authorized lock-picking process. You are not allowed to use any information therein to attempt openning the security locks of other individuals.

With that being said, if you are locked out of your home or office and need lock-out service from reliable professionals, Top St. Louis Locksmith will be willing to help.

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