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How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key
secondary February 02

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key

Are you locked out because of a lost or damaged key? Perhaps you need to get into a room for emergency purpose but the keys are not available.

The recommended process for regaining access to a house or office is to call a professional locksmith. At Top St. Louis Locksmith, we have mobile locksmiths ready to offer lockout service within the shortest time possible. However, if you need to go the DIY route, these methods can help you get back inside.

Pick the Lock

The most effective tool for picking a lock is a lock pick set. However, it is rare for a homeowner to have such tools. Emergency lockout situations require a fast makeshift solution. All you need is just a Bobby pin and a tension wrench. Start by inserting the pick into the lock and feel for the pins. Once you have found the pins, use the tension wrench to apply pressure to the lock while manipulating the pick to push the pins up and unlock the lock. Do not stop if you failed the first time. Be patient about the process. Gradually, you will unlock the door.

Use a Credit Card

This works mostly for spring locks. If you have a traditional or spring lock on your doors, then use a credit card to unlock the door. The process is simple - insert the card between the door and the frame, near the lock, then apply pressure to the card as you pull the doorknob. As usual, it’s not a fast process but should be done with precision. If you follow the right procedure, the lock should pop open.

Try the Bump Key Method

A bump key is a special type of key that can be used to open almost any lock. However, such keys are not available in most homes. Peradventure, you have access to a bump key during a lockout emergency, simply insert it into the lock and use a tool such as a screwdriver, to apply pressure to the key while turning it. You will open the lock if done correctly. It is advisable to have a bump key before experiencing a lock emergency. You can purchase it online or at a hardware store.

Call a Locksmith

If you are unable to unlock the door using any of the above methods, your best option is to call a locksmith. A professional locksmith will have the tools and experience to quickly unlock the door and get you back inside. Be sure to choose a reputable locksmith and check their credentials before letting them into your home.

Wrapping Up

From the tips we shared in this article, it is possible to unlock a door without a key. But it requires patience and consistency.

However, each of the methods has its pros and cons. It is important to choose the one that is best for your situation. Remember to always take safety precautions when attempting to unlock a door and to avoid damaging the lock or door. In case you need emergency key replacement service, call Top St. Louis Locksmith. We will send seasoned locksmith professionals to your location.