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6 Safety Tips for People Who Live Alone
secondary August 26

6 Safety Tips for People Who Live Alone

Living alone certainly has its advantages. You have the freedom to enjoy your space without anyone intruding. However, amid this, security becomes a notable concern.

When alone, one might be perceived as a more gullible target for home invasion, particularly women. In a single living area, there's no one to share the responsibility of safeguarding your space.

Through the counsel of a locksmith, you can secure your home with exceptional locks.

Single-person household safety can be improved with specific steps taken. Let's explore them.

Invest in a Home Security System

A secure home is now more vital than ever, making the installation of a security system a necessity. Property security systems constantly monitor and alert you of potential breaches, ensuring your safety. For an extra deterrent, consider incorporating motion-sensitive lighting in your yard.

Here are some of home security systems benefits:

  • Criminals are less likely to target houses with security systems, deterring them from your property.
  • By providing valuable footage, security cameras aid law enforcement in their efforts to combat criminal activity. A qualified locksmith can certainly assist with this.

Be Sociable

Being single doesn't signify isolation from society. Knowing your neighbors creates a feeling of security and support, encompassing your home.

Having a supportive network is crucial for home safety, and friendly neighborly relations provide convenient help when needed. They can also alert you or the police if they observe anything suspicious.

And here's the sweet part...

Neighbors can act as an extra set of eyes. How? Well, they can help you keep your home secure when you travel by assisting with tasks like picking up mail and keeping an eye out for suspicious activities.

Get a Dog

Dogs are known to defend their owners against attackers, scare off intruders, and even alert owners when there is danger. A furry friend's presence serves as a constant source of protection

For added household companionship, getting a dog is a fantastic choice. A dog's presence can instill a deeper sense of safety when you're home alone, making security systems more effective.

Secure Doors and Windows

While it's a given that doors should remain locked at all times, you may not know that certain locks can be easily tampered with, providing criminals with easy access to a home. Weak window locks are also vulnerable to prying open.

With this in mind, people living alone should either install locks that cannot be tampered with or invest in products like the Dead Bolt Protector, which prevents locks from being manipulated.  

Deny Access as Much as Possible

We often have people come to our doors trying to sell us a service or product. Some could be salespeople, while others aim to gather information or survey your home.

Unknown people knocking at your door pose a potential risk, so it's wisest not to grant strangers access.

Get a House Sitter

A house sitter can take on various roles. Depending on the length of your absence, they can spend a few hours or even sleep at home. It is a fact that the probability of theft decreases when a human is present in the house.

Are You Home Alone? Don’t Fret, we can Help!

With safety measures, your alone time no longer implies unease. Trust your gut and rely on your good judgment.

Also remember to reach out to Top St. Louis Locksmith. Our residential locksmith is ready and willing to lend a hand, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.