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4 Steps to Update Your Home Security
secondary December 22

4 Steps to Update Your Home Security

Modern burglars are becoming crafty, they do not leave any stone unturned when they are planning an attack. Of course, they conduct neighborhood research to identify ‘easy preys’ or homes with lopsided security systems. Therefore, you shouldn’t sit on the fence about your security. Procrastination or being neutral will make you become part of statistics for the wrong reasons.

This is the time to take action and upgrade your security system is very critical at this time. Here are four tested and trusted ways to upgrade and optimize your home or office security.

Upgrade Your Locks

Old locks and security systems are more susceptible to attacks. The longer your security system stays, the easier it is for burglars to compromise. Also, older locks can jam easily and the keys have a higher tendency of breaking in the keyhole. Peace of mind about your valuables and loved ones is assured when your locks are up to date. That is why as experts, we advise you upgrade locks that have lasted up from three to five years.

Check you are still using the standard lock for your entry ways, consider upgrading to deadbolts. We recommend you go for ANSI Grade 1 locks. They are ductile and offer more resistance to forcible entry. You need the services of a residential locksmith for all entry lock upgrades.

Update Your Home Alarm System

When it comes to deterring criminals, the home alarm system is very effective. Good home alarm systems alert both neighbors and the law enforcement when a burglar wants to break in.

However, just like other mechanical and electronic systems, home alarms deteriorate when they are old. Most times, constant exposure to the elements affects their circuit boards making them not to work effectively. Consider updating your system as soon as possible. If you do not have one in place, contact the experts at St. Louis Locksmith for possible installation.

Install Home Security Cameras

CCTV cameras are more effective when they are integrated with intruder alarms. It is important to have them installed at the entrance of your home. Deterrent of criminals and crime prevention are some of the advantages of investing in good cameras. Apart from helping you catch the bad guys, installing cameras at home is helpful in monitoring the elderly and kids, home accidents and evidence collection in case of a break in.

More so, you will create higher property value while having cameras because potential buyers will have peace of mind about their security. In case you are planning to upgrade the security of your home, installing CCTV cameras should be one of your considerations.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

From statistics, 23% of burglars break into your home through the window. Everyone concentrates on the front door while neglecting their windows. You have to develop the habit of checking your windows in the night and before leaving your home.

You could also take it a notch higher by setting up motion sensors and integrating them with your alarm systems.

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Without straining your budget, the experts at Top St. Louis Locksmith will help you install all kinds of locks, alarms and high security systems. Call us as we look forward to working with you and ensuring your security system works effectively.