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Key Replacement in O’Fallon, IL

Key Replacement in O’Fallon

Having key troubles? Can’t get into your car? Need a key duplication? You don’t have to worry about these issues when you have Top St. Louis Locksmith to help you out. Whether it be for rekeying or car key replacement in O’Fallon, our qualified locksmiths have the experience and equipment needed to assist you. We can work on all types of keys and locks, including residential keys and commercial keys. Search for "key replacement near me" or call Top St. Louis Locksmith to seek help.


I received wonderful service for a very difficult problem. My door handle was not standard (very old) and the locksmith put together a custom latch to reach the edge of the door. A very well done job! Thanks!


Tean Mayland


I needed a good locksmith to come change my locks,I needed a good work done so I went online to do my research and these guys came so highly recommend and I did not hesitate hire then and I can freely tell you their work is wonderful.


Brian Danson

Key Replacement O’Fallon

If your keys are lost, misplaced, or damaged, call for a key replacement in O’Fallon. Many keys or locks can get damaged without even noticing. Inserting the key in an incorrect way or trying to take it out of the lock at the wrong time can be some of the reasons why you might need a key replacement. These actions can mess with the structure of the lock and key. Key makers can take the measurements of your key and either do a key duplication to create a new identical key or make a new one by matching it with the corresponding lock. Key making can be a quick and easy process with the locksmiths at Top St. Louis Locksmith.

Key Fob Programming in O’Fallon, IL

Key fobs are meant to control the lock on your car doors from afar, making it easier to open your locks. They are likely to malfunction occasionally over time because of losses of signal or other reasons. You can always call a locksmith to help with key fob programming in O’Fallon, but you can also fix it yourself as well.

Start with sitting in your car with the doors closed and inserting the key in the ignition. Turn the key in a way where the motor will be on but not the engine of the car. In the key fob, press the lock button pointing it at the transmission recipient toward the front of the vehicle over the mirror. After turning on the remote for two or three seconds, press the lock button. Take the key and turn it off right away and stop the car. Move quickly and after a few moments, the arrangement of the vehicle will reset the orders. Every car can have a different arrangement, so be sure to check their user manual for further details on key fob programming in O’Fallon. Along with key fob programming, Top St. Louis Locksmith also offers car key replacement in O’Fallon.


Besides key making, you also have the option of rekeying, where you change the lock mechanism. This method is used commonly when people move into new houses and want to replace the lock in case previous owners still have access to the house. Rekeying is a quick and efficient method that locksmiths at Top St. Louis Locksmith can perform easily.

Next time you need a key replacement in O’Fallon, avoid the search for "key replacement near me" and contact Top St. Louis Locksmith. Our key makers have experience with residential keys and commercial keys, along with many other services. By calling us, you can have your problem fixed in less than an hour and continue with your daily schedule.

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